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    In the list above, if you chose 7 or more items, coaching may be the solution you desire!

    Sadie M., Harlingen, Texas

    Sarah gave my child a safe space to grow and do so quickly. He never forgot his ‘Sarah time’ and seemed more at peace with himself after each session. It really made a difference for our son!

    Top 6 Reasons to hire an Executive Function or Learning Coach:

    1. Your child is smart but has difficulty “playing the school game.”
    2. You need some help in supporting your child’s school success.
    3. You want to better understand your child’s perspective and the impact of their brain differences.
    4. You want effective strategies to make life smoother, calmer, and easier.
    5. Your child is starting to hate school (or already does).
    6. You know that the right strategies will ease the struggle!

    John and Lilly, Kensington, Maryland

    When the doctor told us about executive function coaching, we hadn’t heard of it! We’re so thankful we connected with Sarah. She’s opened up new doors for our daughter. “