The BEST planner for your child with Executive Function needs!

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Customizable Planner Pages for you to try!

I have purchased and put in place probably 40 student planners, and I’ve seen various degrees of success. What it comes down to is matching student understanding with planner set up. What I mean is sometimes it’s best to design the pages together, print them, then bind them with laminated card stock covers (it’s actually how I make my own teaching planners). 

That said, all planners should have:

*A yearly overview type calendar

*Monthly pages

*A weekly spread with lots of space for daily items 

*Blank pages for writing notes, self-realizations (like “I study best when…”) I put my blank pages in the back

*Reference materials, like school schedules and important phone numbers, sports practice schedules

*Folders/pockets for keeping other reference materials as they come (like a list of the articles they must read on Achieve3000 program, for example. Things you’ll get throughout the school year)

*Sticky notes for drawing attention or writing quick things

*Independent time focus (what to turn in, what to bring home, homework)

What you can customize:

*The order of calendars and pages (do you want all monthly calendars at beginning, then the daily ones following? Etc)

*The time chunks of the daily pages (for example, do you want to include before/after school space to record? Include pre-labeled spaces for each subject? A section to break down larger tasks each week?) 

*Pre-written items like, “study for math test” if you know the frequency of the tasks.

When you set up the planner, be aware that you may need to test run some set ups before you pay to bind it, so try some stapled “beta tests” for a while. Going through the create-and-reflect process will be hugely helpful for your child’s metacognition and development of organizing skills! 

Once you have the planner set up, schedule daily times to look at it so it becomes routine. And you can try the Sunday pre-game party (or whatever you want to call it) to review the upcoming week, visualize the tasks, and predict/put in place any supports needed to get through the week.

For some trial planner pages, click here.