BeeLine Reader: Make Reading On-Screen Easier for your Brain!

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On today’s show, we interview the founder of BeeLine Reader, a piece of technology that is improving reading for people across the world! In fact, if you’ve tried the button on our blog, you’ve seen how it can color the text, empowering your brain to engage with deeper comprehension by reducing the cognitive load of reading.

As one student said, “I finally got through a whole paragraph without losing my focus!” And, “It makes the words stop moving around.” Tribe, I use BeeLine Reader for my online reading (which you know is a fair amount, since I love geeking out!!), and it has sped up my reading and increased my comprehension.

Learn more about BeeLine (including its exciting announcement with the new Insight Browser) here: 

BeeLine Reader website

BeeLine Reader on iOS

BeeLine Reader on Chrome

BeeLine Reader for PDF

Insight Browser Beta

 (will be launching in January 2021 with BeeLine capability) 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels