Dr. Kirsten Milliken shares why PLAY is good for your brain!

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Take a break and have some fun with this week’s interview! Dr. Kirsten Milliken is the author of the book PlayDHD, which teaches us the science behind using PLAY to support our brains! She will explain, using science and experience, why fun is necessary, especially today, and how taking time to play can help you be more successful! She also talks about her awesome new project, WorldofADHD.com, which celebrates the art, lives, and creativity of people with ADHD! 

This episode is follow up for episode 33, so if you haven’t listened to or read that one yet, jump on it! https://www.sarahkesty.com/blog/episode33

In the show, Kirsten mentions: 

1) WorldofADHD, where you can show the world just how much better life is because of people with ADHD! Join the project and celebrate your awesome brain! 

2) Playdhd Kirsten’s amazing book that is packed with love, understanding, and strategies that are engaging and impactful. This is a handy book for hacking your own attention (and getting boring things done with less effort) 

3) Why Don’t Students Like School A book that explores the cognitive science side of the school vs child fight and suggests ways to make the educational system more child- and brain-friendly. 

4) The late Sir Ken Robinson: his books, his Ted Talk, his awesome self! (I was lucky enough to meet him when I was a panelist at the California Teachers Summit in 2018) 

Some serious star struck face when I met Sir Ken Robinson

5) Time Timers visual timers to support your life! 

6) Ideo, a global design company

And, I had the honor of being on Kirsten’s show: 

 All my love to you, Tribe!