An interview: What’s it like to grow up with ADHD?

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I was honored to hear from a listener who wanted to share his story after making it through the school system as a kid with ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder). Floyd shares what he found worked, what only worked a little, and how to frame your thinking about your own ADHD brain. His tips will resonate with you! (And, spoiler alert: He made it. He works and is going to school to become an advocate for justice! Floyd’s story will give you hope!) 

PS A learning moment for me: I sent Floyd some questions to think about before we talked on the show. Then, I went a little out of order when we recorded. Please forgive his pauses or “ums.” Those are my fault, for going out of order. It was just too much great information to not post his thoughts! 

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