Guest Mike Laharty Talks about School’s Most Challenging Students

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Have you ever wondered where students who can’t *yet* function in public school settings go? Who helps them? What makes those programs a better fit for their needs?

Listen, I’m  not going to pretend that all programs for students with “extreme” needs are quality. It’s just not true. But, there are some that are top notch and have amazing people leading them! This episode interviews one of these amazing people, Mike Laharty. In our talk, we explore:

  • A “School to World” transition philosophy
  • Why SEL and Executive Function skills being taught and practiced early could end the need for “extreme behavior programs”
  • What Mike would do if he had a time machine (and which skills he would make sure his students had)

Even if your child is not presenting what we’d call “extreme needs,” you’ll love hearing Mike talk with simplicity and love about the true purpose of education. Our conversation felt like a hug and was certainly validating that there is hope for ALL students, even those who are blowing out of public school right now. 

Let me know what you think! I’ll share the love with Mike!