Launch to College and Executive Function Summer Group

Summer Never Felt So Awesome!

Graduation! They did it!

Your senior graduated high school or your young adult is ready to transfer! Your terrific kid is headed off to college, independent living, or trade school!

But, what’s that? Oh, you’ve got just a few things on your mind?

Maybe a few skills you’d like to help your kid master before they go? Maybe it’s safe driving, or money management, or time management, or planning, or–oh no–we didn’t talk yet about how to deal with roommates or peer pressure or drinking or…

If your brain is spinning with the overwhelm of college prep, I’ve got you covered! Yes, it’s a long list of skills, but it’s doable, and I’m here to coach you both through the process so that your child is ready for college by the end of the summer! And, our group will focus on ADHD- and executive function-friendly strategies that are tried-and-true winners for neurodiverse brains!

Now’s your chance to do something fun and meaningful with your time together over the next few weeks! 

Join our Launch to College and Executive Function group for guided progress toward college readiness. You know, all those skills you said you’d deal with after graduation? Learning how to do laundry, manage money, keep a schedule, wake up on their own, eat healthfully…those skills? The time is NOW! 

Imagine your teen feeling 100% ready for college and adulting! 

That’s what we’re doing in our summer group! With proven strategies and neurodiverse-friendly brain hacks, your child will be empowered to handle all of the demands of college. Nearly 50% of college Freshman with ADHD fail at least one class. Only 40% go on to graduate. Preparing your teen with college-ready strategies is the best way to beat the stats and empower future success! (Plus, save that tuition, too!) 

Sound like just what you need? Here’s what our group will look like:

And, one more thing…If you’d like to join but need to pay over time, we got you! Email, and we’ll register you for the group and get the payments set up! 

P.S. A little about your coach: Sarah Kesty is a 4-time Teacher of the Year and host of the Executive Function Podcast (In fact, if you want a feel for her style, go check out the show!) Sarah knows in her bones that her role on Earth is to empower and advocate for people with neurodiverse conditions and disabilities! She’s a Board Certified Advocate, an advisory board member for the CMTA, an author, and a public speaker. But her favorite thing to do is to coach you and your teen to bust through ADHD and other executive function challenges and live the life you’ve dreamed! If you have questions about the group, reach out to Sarah at 619-839-9373 or 
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