Executive Function Coaching is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Your kid is bright and loves learning, yet he struggles in school. 

Teachers mention “not living up to potential” (whatever that means).

Distance Learning showed you just how much help your child needs, but not necessarily with the actual academics.

If this sounds like your story, you’re not alone, and coaching with Sarah can profoundly change your child’s life!

Kelly Hunsucker

Parent and Educator

“Because of my son’s executive function challenges, our mornings were absolute chaos! With Sarah’s coaching, I learned better techniques for our morning routine, and it’s improved my family’s life immensely. I’m happy to better understand and support my son!”

Executive Function Coaching Opportunities!

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    Sarah’s Coaching is Transforming Lives

    “What you taught me in middle school is helping me in my first college classes. Every time I want to give up, I think there’s got to be a strategy instead. You showed me that.”            —-N.T., client and college student, Illinois