Middle School Bootcamp!

Register for a Bootcamp:

August 11th 5-6:30 pm Pacific

August 14th 2-3:30 pm Pacific

August 28th 4-5:30 pm Pacific

$49 paid at time of registration * Recording shared after event * Event held on Zoom

Bootcamps are each the same materials. Repeat times help more families attend live.

Middle School Bootcamp FAQs

My kid already did a year of middle school online/hybrid. Would this group be right for me? Yes! In-person school is quite different, and the demands on your child’s studenting skills will be different in person. Things like managing attention (with real, human people all around), stamina for sitting and working, moving class to class, and navigating the social world of being a tween and teen—that’s just some of the changes headed your way! Yes, this class will help a lot!

What will you cover? Just general back to school stuff? We’re going deep in this class, exploring several perspectives to appreciate why these middle school years are so unique and so important. Sarah likes to say there’s an invisible bridge between elementary and middle schools that kids are expected to cross, picking up skills like self-management and organization along the way. Yet, many kids don’t take this path, showing up to middle school with skill deficits that cause friction with their teachers (“Why didn’t you turn that in yet?” “Can’t you just sit still?”) Sarah helps you understand the required skills of middle school and how to coach your kid to develop these skills. She’s the middle school Sherpa.

I heard that in middle school, parents don’t do much. Why would I want to prepare? This rumor is such a bummer for everyone. Truth: your kids need you now more than ever! Help will look different, and you may have to act more satellite than hands-on at times, but you will definitely need to be involved with your child’s school experience. Teachers and schools appreciate your involvement, as does your child (although they may show you by rolling their eyes and groaning. In teen-speak, this means “I love you and appreciate you.”)

There’s 3 dates. Do I register for all of them? Each class will cover the same materials, so you only need to register for one. There are multiple dates to accommodate parents’ schedules and the different time zones.

Should my kid attend with me? Yes! “Nothing about me without me” is a good motto from here on out. Be aware that I’ll be speaking to you, parents, but your kid can listen in and learn some of the top secret middle school teacher recon! The more time our kids have to think about and plan for middle school, the better. It’s not required, however, that your child attend.

I can’t make any of the dates but I want the info. What do I do? You can register for any class; the recording will be sent to registrants after the class.

I’m excited for the book. How do I get it? A digital copy of the Middle School Bootcamp book will be emailed to you at its publication!

Are you covering how the pandemic affected kids? Is this next school year really different? This transition will be tough, certainly. Going from home to school is a big change (probably a mix of positives and negatives for any kid), and it will be marked by some struggles and moments of growth. We will briefly identify the shifts coming this year, but the bulk of the time goes to strategies and actions we can take now!

My child has special needs, an IEP, or 504. Can you help with this? Sarah is an IEP and 504 expert! She’s been in the special education field for 20 years, and she knows the system inside and out. This class will give a general overview of the types of approaches and recommendations you can use to build a great plan for your child, but the structure of the class does not allow enough time for specific case consultations. If you’d like Sarah’s help with advocacy or consultation, reach out! She’s a candidate for Board Certification in Special Education Advocacy and can definitely help!

Could this help with high school transition, too? Yes! While Sarah will use the “middle school” terminology, the requisite skills and strategies she will share help any student, in middle school, high school, or college!

Can Sarah coach my child and help me guide my child? Woo hoo! This is Sarah’s dream job! Reach out here, so you can schedule a free consultation with her.