Distance Learning Hacks for Families

Is Distance Learning making you feel like you’re back in school? So many parents are reaching out for help–realizing just how much the Executive Functions like organizing and prioritizing are used as a student!! One of the areas that you can make easier for yourself and your child is hacking the assignments and workload. 

But first, I have to celebrate my momma, and my own brain’s strategies. I’ve been online teaching all day. I hit a few snags in

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How to study (real tips based on research and real classrooms)

Hello and welcome to the Executive Function Podcast. I’m your host, Sarah Kesty…a very proud teacher this week as I made an open invitation for Saturday School with me—a bonus time to complete work and study—and I had 22 students show up. That means their commitment to their own success beat out sleeping in, going somewhere fun, and staying up late the night before. Timing, of course, has something to do with this, as it was the

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