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Apps and Technology for Distance (Online) Learning

Big thanks to our guests, Kristin Oropeza and Karyn Fillhart, who share some hope, perspective, and resources for easing the distance learning experience. 

In our interview, we talk about several resources for home and school learning. These online tools are available for teachers, parents, and students and are free (some with paid upgrades available). 

Please keep in mind that it’s best practice to use the online and technological tools that your students/children already know. Adding too many new

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7 Best Accommodations for Home School Learning

Top 7 Accommodations and Modifications to put in place for home school assignments:

*Printed work: screen work or using new technology (like trying to complete assignments on a student’s phone instead of the computer they have at school) may layer in a new challenge for your child. If at all possible, print work for your child to complete on paper, if new or difficult technology is required. Students can take a photo of the completed work

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