Executive Functions to Fight Racism

This episode might get me in the good kind of trouble, and I’m okay with that. We’re getting uncomfortable because it’s the right thing to do. I have examples from over 15 years of teaching, and of course, I’ll change the names of my colleagues and students. But these are honest examples of how I’ve seen racism play out in school and how I have (and haven’t) used executive function to combat racism. I challenge you to

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Our 2019-2020 School Year In Review

ly for its spectacularly strange ending with distance learning. At every transition in time, it’s important to take a little while to reflect on what went wonky, what went right, and what we learned. This week on the podcast, we’re doing a review of the 2019-2020 school year and its indications for executive function.

We’ll start with the wonky, the things we didn’t expect, or thought would go differently.

First up, Independent Learning. Distance (or Remote) Learning asked

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Guest Mike Laharty Talks about School’s Most Challenging Students

Have you ever wondered where students who can’t *yet* function in public school settings go? Who helps them? What makes those programs a better fit for their needs?

Listen, I’m  not going to pretend that all programs for students with “extreme” needs are quality. It’s just not true. But, there are some that are top notch and have amazing people leading them! This episode interviews one of these amazing people, Mike Laharty. In our talk, we explore:

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Brain Stealers: How to Boss Your Own Brain (save time and feel happier!)

Thank you for being part of this podcast! I love the emails and questions I’m getting from you! And, thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so cool to hear from new people who are joining our tribe and learning with us. We’re so much stronger together! A lot of people have reflected lately that the distractions of home have been an issue with learning and working from home. Truth be told, I’m struggling too. But,

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Improve Your Child’s Attention and Focus Now (yes, even during boredom)

Hey tribe,

You’re not going crazy. Staying at home is a big change for so many of us. We haven’t seen friends or family in weeks. We can’t go to the gym or get our hair cut. Even going to the grocery store feels like a visit to different land. Your brain has had years of practice to adjust to the normalcies of your day. Good times or bad, your brain has strategies to adapt. Your brain is

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Distance Learning Hacks for Families

Is Distance Learning making you feel like you’re back in school? So many parents are reaching out for help–realizing just how much the Executive Functions like organizing and prioritizing are used as a student!! One of the areas that you can make easier for yourself and your child is hacking the assignments and workload. 

But first, I have to celebrate my momma, and my own brain’s strategies. I’ve been online teaching all day. I hit a few snags in

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The Magic Word that Can Stop Annoying or Naughty Behaviors for Good

I was recently coaching a parent whose kid is in constant motion in body, words, or both. The poor family is in a frustrating push-pull of yelling, resenting, and feeling bad about each other and the situation. The parents have tried planned ignoring, being firm and direct, even punishments and rewards, but they’ve seen little progress. One of their main concerns is that when their child does stop moving or talking, the change is only for a

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Creating a Home Schedule for Distance Learning

Click here for resources to make your home learning schedule! 

Hey tribe!

I appreciate so many of you reaching out with questions. I’ve really had to stretch and reflect on one particular question that has come up again and again from our community: what are the top two or three things I can do right now to help my kid at home?

One time I wrote to Russell Barkley, who is a hero of mine and a

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Apps and Technology for Distance (Online) Learning

Big thanks to our guests, Kristin Oropeza and Karyn Fillhart, who share some hope, perspective, and resources for easing the distance learning experience. 

In our interview, we talk about several resources for home and school learning. These online tools are available for teachers, parents, and students and are free (some with paid upgrades available). 

Please keep in mind that it’s best practice to use the online and technological tools that your students/children already know. Adding too many new

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