Advocacy for Executive Function Needs Parts 1 and 2

Team, Executive Function needs are invisible, and our kids are often able to cope well enough that schools don’t see the true struggle. So, how do we, as parents and educators, advocate so that our kids are supported and understood? My friend and fellow executive function expert, Seth Perler, and I are teaming up for a 3-part series on Advocacy! Listen to part 1 here, where we talk about the need for and possible impact of accommodations for executive function! 

And, check out Seth’s work on his website and The Executive Function Online Summit, which will happen in just a few months! 

My Launch to College Group for high school and transfer students and families starts soon! Click here to sign up so your child is college-ready by the end of the summer (and you can rest assured the tuition is safely invested because your child has tools to avoid failing out!) 
All our love,

Sarah and Seth