Executive Function

If Growth Mindset gives the vision,

Executive Function paves the way!

Improving Your Child’s Executive Function Will

Empower success at school (finally!) by improving organization & attention.

Enhance your child’s social life through developments in emotional regulation.

Create peace at home with flexible thinking and brain-friendly routines.

The Struggle is Real

(and often Invisible)

Your kid is too smart to struggle in class. You’re afraid that every time your cell rings, it’s the school calling about your kid. Your loved ones insist your kid is lazy, but you know something else is going on. And don’t even start about the hellish hours you call homework time.

Sound familiar? If you’re raising (or teaching!) a child whose intelligence is hidden by puzzling issues like always-11th-hour projects or forgetting directions right after hearing them, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Sarah! I’ve been an innovating educator for over 17 years, and I specialize in helping students with gaps in those incredibly important and rarely taught skills we call “Executive Function.” After presenting at conferences nationwide, I realized that the strategies and lessons I teach my students were profoundly changing their lives—and I want to share these same ideas with you!

Your child absolutely can succeed! It will take time, creativity, and a whole bag of learning tricks!

K. H., Davis, CA

Parent and Educator

“Because of my son’s executive function challenges, our mornings were absolute chaos! With Sarah’s coaching, I learned better techniques for our morning routine, and it’s improved my family’s life immensely. I’m happy to better understand and support my son!”

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